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What are hybrid heatpumps?

We keep hearing the word ‘heat-pump’ and we know that they are going to play a huge part in our future and just like a boiler, there are different types. This article will focus on hybrid heatpumps.

A hybrid heat pump system will essentially comprise of a heat pump working with another heat source such as a boiler. Combines they work together as one system. If the UK is to achieve the net zero target then a significant change is needed to the way we heat our homes. Hybrid heat pumps may be a solution.

This is basically a heat pump and a boiler all combined into one box or a system can be designed to work with your existing boiler. This means that the heat pump element will work at certain times or possibly even in accordance with certain conditions. A hybrid heat pump system can be an air source heat pump which draws its heat from the open air or a ground source heat pump which you may have guessed already draws the heat from the ground

How does a Hybrid Heat Pump work?

The way a hybrid heat pump is set up will mean a change is required between 2 different hear sources in accordance with a predetermined setting/s. The way we all live in our homes is very different. Therefore one home may have a boiler set up to cover both the hot water and heating and the heat pump kicks in when the efficiency is higher.

Are they efficient & worth the money?

I know, you’re all probably thinking what I am, ‘should I swap my gas boiler for one of these?’

Well one thing I do know is that a hybrid heat pump will make your home more efficient as they could reduce your gas usage by upto 70%! Wowsers I bet that has got you thinking?

Some manufacturers claim a higher efficiency level as well.

The actual cost of heat pumps start at around £5000 and increase with the installation cost on top. At ukenergygrants we have access to lots of schemes to help you with this. Why not contact us to find out more?

A hybrid heat pump system can make your home more energy efficient because it selects a different fuel as and when the efficiency or heat demand changes.

What are the running costs for heat pumps?

With hybrid heat pumps there are many things to consider. One of those is the existing system and fuel being used. For example an oil boiler will a have a greater cost of running than a mains gas one. Due to the way the different types of fuel and their costs a hybrid heat pump system must be designed accordingly.

Due to the rise in energy prices, a hybrid heat pump although efficient may not be cheaper to run for every household in the UK, although we are finding many fans of heat pump

Is my property suitable for a hybrid heat pump system?

Currently it seems that older properties that may require their heating systems to operate at a higher temperature (most certainly in the winter) or even larger properties may be more suited

Which Properties are Hybrid Heat Pumps Most Suitable For? 

Hybrid heat pumps are currently best suited to older properties that may require higher heating system temperatures for some colder days in winter. Also perhaps larger properties where the heating demand can change fairly rapidly. This may be because the electricity supply may not be enough for a heat pump to operate on its own, therefore have a secondary heating source will make sense, with the boiler simply acting as a back up. A hybrid solution may be a good option for homes that want to be more efficient.

In homes where a heating system is already installed it may make a lot of sense to go for a hybrid solution. This way, a large part of the heating demand can be delivered by the heat pump. 

At ukenergygrants we have access to various heat pump grants. Contact us for more information.

Facts & figures have been collected from different sources around the internet including both installers and manufacturers of heat pumps

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